I WANT to blog. I really do. But I’m busy! Well, sort of. Well I AM, although I do have SOME free time, but, you know, Twitter, Lifehacker, Facebook…  It’s much easier to read, than write. And I might not do it well, and, well, no one might read it, and then I’ve wasted my time.

Except that’s not the point, is it? The writing is the important part for me. If others relate, and one might hope, appreciate it? That’s gravy.

But I should write long, well-developed things, and they take a long time to write, and the Internet is so immediate, by the time I’m done writing, it won’t even be current!

Of course Seth Godin doesn’t write long things, usually. You know, from Seth’s Blog? And he does okay.

I guess I should give it a try.  You know, figure out what the you that you wish you were would do, and do that? So, I’ll quit beating myself up, quit putting it off, and I’ll blog. (BTW, that second last sentence is worth figuring out. Wish I could take credit.)